Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coldest Day EVER

It snowed and was about 23 degrees today!  WHOOOOAAAA.  And we had an incredibly busy day outside.  First we checked out the area we are studying, Cook's Lake.  We had to collect hay from a hillside to put into the small mammal traps.

Extra Credit:  Why would we want to put hay into the small mammal traps?  What would "hay" do for the animals?  Think about our HEAT unit.

We had to put these traps throughout the woods.  The other teachers and I put out over 100!  Tomorrow we go back and look at the traps to see if any small mammals were captured.

This is a small mammal trap!


  1. The benefits of having hay in the small mammal traps is to retain the heat inside for the mammals, and to create a natural looking trap that small mammals will more likely go into. The mammals know the difference between metal and hay, and it might attract them more to a surface that they are familiar to. However, back to the heat. If it gets too cold inside the traps, the mammals are more susceptible to hypothermia and other cold related illnesses. To collect data, I am pretty sure that Kenta needs to have the animal be alive, and the retained heat from the hay helps in keeping the animals alive.

    1. Perfect! The hay does act as an insulator for the animals, keeping them warm. Great critical thinking skills. Awesome job!