Thursday, April 5, 2012

Deer Poo, Habitat Piles, and GPS...oh my!

Hey everyone!

It has been incredibly busy two days.  After going through the small mammal traps and finding two voles, we went on to count...deer poo!  Gross right?  BUT NOT REALLY!

In order to set up the deer poo count, we had to stake out an area of 10 by 10 meters.  We then head to stand basically at arms length from one another (5 teachers) and crawl on our hands and knees to "count" deer poo piles.  After analyzing this information, we can estimate how many deer are in the area!

After counting deer droppings, we went on to building something called "habitat piles".  This was hard work!  What we had to do was gather dead trees, tree trunks, large branches, etc., littering the forest floor and create HUGE piles of these.  This is actually good for the animals.  Extra Credit:  What could animals use these "habitat piles" for?

Finally, we had to GPS the area in which we are working.  We had to map out the large trees, as well as any "field signs".  A "field sign" is "sign" that tells you an animal lives there.  This includes droppings, dens, holes, fur, bird songs, etc.  Can you think of other field signs?

I am learning so much and am excited to share this knowledge with you all.  Tomorrow is the last full day.  Crazy!

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